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Headstone Viaduct - by Nigel Fisher

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Headstone Viaduct, more commonly known as Monsal Dale Viaduct, lies in the Derbyshire Peak District on the Midland Railway route from St. Pancras to Manchester. The line closed in 1968 and has since been turned into a path for walkers and cyclists through the Peak District.


Now being built by one of our members to EM gauge, Headstone Viaduct will show what this little bit of the Peak District was like just before the last war. Set in 1938 there will be a constant stream of freight with colourfull private owner liveries (all authentic to the line). In addition there will also be passenger trains in maroon with the occasional red engine in charge.


The layout has been designed from the outset to be an exhibition layout, and is the culmination (so far) of Nigel building and acquiring the rolling stock over the last 30 years.



Headstone Viaduct is being built on boards made from 9mm ply with an open top. The points are handbuilt using nickel silver rail and plywood sleepers glued together.


Scenery starts as a series of formers cut from foamboard and glued to the frame using hot glue. Card strips are then glued across the top of the formers in a lattice arrangement. Finally the suface is formed by building up layers of papier mache forming a hard shell. Scenic treatments, such as scatter material are appiled to this surface as appropriate.


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None, yet..!


More Information

See Nigels website at, which also gives details of Nigels other layouts.


Show Managers Information

At present the layout is still under construction, but will be:-

  • To 4mm scale EM gauge.
  • Size is not finalised but will be in the order of 30ft long by 10ft wide.
  • The layout will be primarily operated from behind so requires (ideally) 30ft by 12ft.
  • Lightweight, constructed from Plywood and foamboard, quick and simple to erect and knockdown.
  • Single power supply required.
  • It can be operated by 4 but ideally 6 operators.
  • Attendance for expenses only, (transported in a small van from South Essex).
  • It is equipped for full DCC operation.
  • Operational period will be August 1938.




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